What I can do for your business…

  • Provide objective product reviews and recommendations
  • Create short reviews that can be used in your product descriptions
  • Give you a “seal of approval” you can use for marketing and advertising purposes and let all those new customers know you’re worth a try.

All your friends love your strawberry jam. They rave about your salsas at parties so much that you’ve decided to go global.

Well, congratulations on starting your own business!

You have so much to do and ask…from business cards to websites to brand design to selecting a target market…but in all that hustle and bustle, do you know how it makes people feel? What it makes them think? Will they want to buy again or share their experience with friends? How can I get them to buy if they can’t even see or smell my product? This is where I can help you.

I provide thorough and objective insight into your potential customers’ interactions with your product offerings. From cookies to protein shakes, I will send you a customized, detailed report on reactions to and impressions of your product, so that you can make the necessary decisions to best appeal to the people who will buy. Trying to break into the American market and worried your curry is too strong? Blondies too gooey for adult consumption? Contact Me for a sample review and we’ll explore what kind of impression you’re leaving.


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