Shrimp Chips

In Uncategorized on July 24, 2011 at 10:41 pm

A friend of mine brought me a bag of prawn cocktail flavored and BBQ crisps. The BBQ was the standard smoked paprika blend you find on US chips. The prawn cocktail though? That was pretty new.

First, UK or US, I’m not a big chip fan. If I can’t tell they used to be a potato, I’m definitely leaving them alone. These though…surprised me. The cocktail flavor was the strongest and first . You don’t catch a hint of prawn until the very end, and even then it was faint.  Being a seafood fan, I was a little disappointed, but I have to admit they were enjoyable. If I ever make it to the UK, I’d definitely pick up a bag.

I’ve got some marmite in the cabinet too, but after seeing it named on CNN’s World’s 50 most delicious foods list, I’m waiting to get some marmalade to try it with.


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