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Who I am…

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As a child during Halloween, I would come home from trick-or-treating, empty my bounty out on the floor and proceed to push aside candy corn and bubble gum, leaving my beloved dark chocolate. I come from a long line of caterers and amazing home cooks who taught me at a very young age, the importance that food and taste experiences play in life and, thanks to a few rotten branches of our culinary family tree, how those experiences can go wrong.

My taste experiences grew from their Southern roots with yearly visits to my Mother’s heavily Greek influenced home town and later trips to China, the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico and Japan. Now, in increasingly multi-cultural South Florida, I get to explore the spectrum of taste even more.


Tasting Ability and Race

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In 2001, the NIDCD Epidemiology and Bio-statistics Program released this graph outlining the association between ability to taste the bitter substance, PTC ( phenylthiocarbamide) and race.

It’s a fascinating study, but what’s most interesting is the correlation between spiciness of food and percentage of non-tasters in a culture. India, possibly the culture most famous for its use of spice, rates high in percentage of non-tasters. North American Native food places much less emphasis on spice and additional flavorings and rates low on percentage of non-tasting members. It doesn’t correlate exactly, but I would theorize this is because the more sensitive a person is to taste, the less spice they would require/tolerate/prefer.

Unfortunately, Japan, whose heavy cultural emphasis on food appearance, texture and heat has fascinated me for some time now, isn’t included in the study.